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Photography enthusiasts often find themselves in search of the best app to take full control of their smartphone camera settings. Manual camera controls offer them the flexibility and creativity to capture stunning shots with precision. With a plethora of camera apps available on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore some of the top contenders for the title of the best app for manual camera controls.

**ProCam X**

ProCam X is a feature-packed camera app that provides users with a wide range of manual controls to enhance their photography experience. From adjusting exposure, ISO, and shutter speed to manual focus and white balance settings, ProCam X offers a comprehensive suite of tools for capturing the perfect shot. The app also includes advanced features like RAW support, live histograms, and focus peaking, making it a favorite among professional photographers and enthusiasts alike.

**Camera FV-5**

Camera FV-5 is another popular choice for users looking to have complete control over their smartphone camera settings. With manual controls for exposure, ISO, white balance, and focus, Camera FV-5 allows photographers to fine-tune their shots to achieve the desired results. The app also offers features such as intervalometer, long exposure support, and RAW capture, making it a versatile tool for capturing stunning images in various shooting conditions.

**Manual Camera**

As the name suggests, Manual Camera is designed specifically for users who prefer manual controls over their smartphone camera settings. The app offers a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to adjust parameters like exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and focus with ease. Manual Camera also supports RAW capture and offers features like grid lines and level indicators to help users compose their shots effectively. With its minimalist design and powerful manual controls, Manual Camera is a solid choice for photographers seeking a straightforward yet feature-rich camera app.

**Open Camera**

Open Camera is a free, open-source camera app that provides users with a range of manual controls to enhance their photography experience. The app offers manual adjustments for exposure, ISO, white balance, focus, and more, allowing users to fine-tune their settings for optimal results. Open Camera also includes features like time-lapse recording, burst mode, and remote control support, making it a versatile option for users looking to experiment with different shooting styles.


ProShot is a premium camera app that offers a comprehensive set of manual controls for users who demand precision and flexibility in their photography. With adjustable settings for exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus, ProShot empowers photographers to capture stunning images with ease. The app also includes advanced features such as RAW support, focus peaking, and custom modes, making it a top choice for professional photographers and enthusiasts seeking a high-quality camera app.

In conclusion, the best app for manual camera controls ultimately depends on the user’s preferences and shooting style. Whether you are a professional photographer looking for advanced features or an enthusiast seeking to explore manual settings, the apps mentioned above offer a range of options to cater to your needs. Experimenting with different apps and finding the one that best suits your requirements is key to unlocking the full potential of your smartphone camera.

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